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How Are You Redesigning Your Customer Engagement During & Post Covid-19?

The connection to a customer in a world pre the Covid19 pandemic was a mix of multiple channels opening the door to a customers brand of choice.  Clearly understood by all, allowing access via multiple channels

  • Physical (Face to Face)
  • Remote (Email, Phone)
  • Digital (Online, Automated Chats)

For most companies the decisions about what resources were deployed to engage through what channel was often a financial one, supported by the benefits of the channel ie. digital (online sales and support) could provide services cheaper than a face to face engagement that required rental and costs to support it.

The pandemic has challenged that approach as we have gone back to the baseline of a relationship. People want to be emotionally appreciated and supported by people.   It has to be said though that we cannot go backwards to the challenge is to find a New Normal that is going to connect with the very real need to be recognised and have a “human component” in...

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Do you Engage or Transact with Your Customer?

Submitted by:  Gill Bowmaker

Customer engagement is considered by many as “The ongoing interactions between a brand and a customer, “offered” by the company and “chosen” by the customer.”  Expanding on the interactions the key understand is that they can be thought of as transactions as each require something of the other party.

The mutual exchange of value in each transaction is key to defining the type and volume of customer interactions that a brand has as a goal.   It comes down to the Customer Experience and whether the engagement is simply an exchange or whether the engagement leaves the customer with a need for more. 

Designing a Customer Experience Journey for the purpose of creating a long term, value driven relationship between your brand and your customers, the design should focus on your customer’s “needs and wants”, understanding that they have choices.  Creating a...

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Have you created Personalisation in Every Engagement with your Brand?

Submitted by:  Gill Bowmaker

A “Personalized Customer Experience” creates a emotional journey resulting in what we know as a memory.  If done properly will start a relationship both subconsciously and consciously with your customer. The benefit to the customer is that they feel like your brand understands “their” needs vs being one of the pack.  The benefit to your brand is that it can positively impact your revenue growth between 5 and 15% particularly for companies in the retail, hospitality, dining, financial services, entertainment and telecom industries.

The attempt at using a person’s name is the beginning of the strategy but it goes far beyond this reach out which quite frankly should be a given to any brand that plans to be around in the next couple of years.  It is a simple expectation that will allow your brand to survive.  Going as far back as 2016 brands that did not understand the power of personalisation churned up...

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Do You Collaborate With Your Customers to Create Brand Synergy?

Submitted by:  Gill Bowmaker

Perception defines our realities.  Every touch point reflects your Customer Experience Strategy as the Customers journey plays out in how they experience your brand, the perceived value and ultimately success.  It is all in the detail.  Brand synergy is about creating and adopting a common vision. It is about self (brand) reflection and how you want your Customers, Staff, Suppliers and Community to see you. 

Synergy originates from a Greek word that means “working together.” Having synergy in your brand illustrates an understanding and control of all the many moving parts in your Customer Experience Journey.   Your Customer Experience Strategy lays the foundation that your brand fulfils.  It creates the road map and guide for your team to deliver It’s inherent promise.  It maintains a positive public image.  It creates an engaging customer experience at every touch point.

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