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Have you created Personalisation in Every Engagement with your Brand?

Submitted by:  Gill Bowmaker

A “Personalized Customer Experience” creates a emotional journey resulting in what we know as a memory.  If done properly will start a relationship both subconsciously and consciously with your customer. The benefit to the customer is that they feel like your brand understands “their” needs vs being one of the pack.  The benefit to your brand is that it can positively impact your revenue growth between 5 and 15% particularly for companies in the retail, hospitality, dining, financial services, entertainment and telecom industries.

The attempt at using a person’s name is the beginning of the strategy but it goes far beyond this reach out which quite frankly should be a given to any brand that plans to be around in the next couple of years.  It is a simple expectation that will allow your brand to survive.  Going as far back as 2016 brands that did not understand the power of personalisation churned up...

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