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Do You Collaborate With Your Customers to Create Brand Synergy?

Submitted by:  Gill Bowmaker

Perception defines our realities.  Every touch point reflects your Customer Experience Strategy as the Customers journey plays out in how they experience your brand, the perceived value and ultimately success.  It is all in the detail.  Brand synergy is about creating and adopting a common vision. It is about self (brand) reflection and how you want your Customers, Staff, Suppliers and Community to see you. 

Synergy originates from a Greek word that means “working together.” Having synergy in your brand illustrates an understanding and control of all the many moving parts in your Customer Experience Journey.   Your Customer Experience Strategy lays the foundation that your brand fulfils.  It creates the road map and guide for your team to deliver It’s inherent promise.  It maintains a positive public image.  It creates an engaging customer experience at every touch point.

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