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Are You Retaining Your Customers?

We help businesses IGNITE their Teams to RETAIN their Customers creating RAVING FANS  that reflects on their bottom line in just 90 Days


The 3 Steps to Your Ignition

Retaining your Customers is key. Yet so often deflected around the costs, which systems, what approach.... the list goes on. The most important component of your business is about taking the first step with assets that you already have - the people you employ. It is about igniting their significance to create a momentum to deliver the results which will appear on your bottom line.


Establishing where you are right now. Entrenched in a Customer Service culture or thriving in an agile Customer Experience culture creating and retaining Raving Fans? 

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Engaging the hearts of your people by ensuring they understand and own their personal  significance and the part they play in the consistent Brand magic.

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Sustaining the momentum by constant culture innovation always listening, owning and celebrating a Thrive Mind-set with Raving Fans on both sides of your Till.   

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Customer Shout Out!

"Fresh Eye’s training has been infectious throughout our Group and has transformed our business.  The improvement in service, guest interaction and culture has shown in the spirit of our GEMS and is reflecting on our ‘bottom line’ via repeat business, referrals and fantastic reviews.” 

Shaun Lamont  - Managing Director - First Group

Work with us to shift your Customer Retention, Define and Position Yourself as a both a Disrupter and Leader in Your Industry.

We do not believe in just training and disengaging. We stay connected as we know that shifting habits creates a sustainable momentum for you and your teams!

Frequently Asked Questions

Fresh Eyes has developed all our content to connect with every level of your business.  We embrace the approach of empowering people at every level, ensuring that each person claims their significance and then takes on the accountability of their contribution. We exchange knowledge through face to face engagement, video training, physical exercises, PDF downloads, Checklists, Online Assessments and the key is our Ignition Partners - Live support teams that will partner with you for the duration of your course.

There are a variety of solutions available to you.  These range from a Invitation to Peach to take a seat at your Meeting (1 Hour) to the XO Academy Series (90 days).  We have developed solutions that are on demand as well as time controlled.  Refer to The Online Shop to find a solution that works for you.  

There is no defined path for a business as the difference products are all designed to ignite a team in some way.  A recommended approach is:

  • Discover what your Customer Experience Journey looks like.  (This provides clarity around what your team will commit to delivering in every engagement).
  • Start shifting your Team Mindset with the XO Academy (Red, Silver & Gold).  The programme instills "Personal Significance" as well as an awareness and ownership of Customer Experience.
  • The XOXY Programme translates the learnings onto the bottom line creating influencers and leaders at every level of your business.
  • There are multiple solutions to get Customer feedback (Voice of the Customer / Customer Experience Reviews) that deliver an outside perspective of your current situation.
  • The Customer Experience Games are tools that can be used at any stage by a team to ignite, to learn, to identify .....  Even just to create momentum at the beginning of the day.

What is Your Current Customer Retention Rate?

The success of your Customer Retention Strategy is reflected in:

  • Increasing profits driven by growing turnover and diminishing costs.
  • The significance you give your customers and your staff.
  • Your Culture and what you have woven through it, so that it engages and delights your Staff and Customers.
  • Your differentiation from your competitors.

The Ignition Formula will position your business ahead of both your direct and indirect competitors by

  • Helping you design a Customer Retention Strategy will create your map to get to your goal.  It is about "weaving everything together to create your bespoke cloth" that makes you unique.
  • Entrenching a Culture that is focused on Customer Retention, designed around 6 Pillars and 9 emotional touch-points that direct staff and customers through your journey. 
  • Igniting your staff to understand their significance and claim their space to create Raving Fans from every Customer that they engage.   

That’s the power of elevating your Customer Retention Strategy.

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Discover the Power of Customer Feedback

Every single touch-point counts.  Your Customer Feedback is a critical asset.  It determines if you retain Raving Fans or Poison Passionistas.

Learn the 3 steps to ensure that you give your Customers a Voice


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