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The Fresh Eyes Approach

The Blueprint that we use to work with our Customers is called the "Fresh Eyes Ignition Formula".  It is our Map to  ensure that we work together to achieve the ultimate goal - A Sustainable Business for You and Your Team.

Watch the video below for an introduction to the Fresh Eyes "Ignition Formula".

Without a Customer Retention Strategy you will be Gifting your Customers to your Competitors. 

It is the difference between knowing that your Customers are leaving you or knowing that your Customers are with you for the long term.

It  is the difference between being cash strapped due to decreasing turnover or being able to take the next step in your business with innovation, comfortable that you are designing something your know your Customers want   

It is the difference between chasing for Customers to get them through your doors resulting in increased costs (by up to 15%) or working with your loyal advocates (Raving Fans) who are happy to pay more for the experience your deliver (by up to 16%)

Whether you are just starting out in your business or you’ve been doing this for years, your Customer Retention Strategy needs to reflect that your Customers are the lifeblood of your business claimed and owned by your Staff who deliver the Experience.  Literally the differential between thriving and surviving (or dying). 

When you design a Customer Retention strategy you can expect ...

Raving Fans...

Customers and Staff that fall in love with your brand and become your strongest advocates.

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Decreased Churn...

Customers and Staff will proudly support your business and not be looking for alternatives.

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Reputation Gain...

Your ratings will increase attracting more customers...more turnover...

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How you can work with us ...

We know that one size does not fit all and so have various solutions to helping you and your team ignite.  They are:

Face to Face 

A solution provided face to face with you and your teams. Supported by our full Ignition Team who work remotely to support your and your team throughout your Culture Shift.

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Online Assist

A solution provided online with you and your teams. Supported by our full Ignition Team who work remotely to support you and your team throughout your Culture Shift.

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Online DIY

Solutions provided online for you and your teams. Done on demand at your pace on your own supported by videos, cheatsheets, assessments and online resources.

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What the process looks like ...

We need to know that both of us are wanting the same result.  We have loads of clients that are Raving Fans, but we have learnt that there are some clients that need a different approach.  So we do this process to ensure that we don't waste each others time.

This part of the process is where we get an insight into your Current Reality.  We sign an NDA and then dig deep into understanding why you are where you are.  It is not always comfortable but the best part is - it defines our launch pad preparing for Ignition!

The Ignition is a period of change and we often discover hidden nuggets of gold.  Those treasures that never knew they mattered, who surge through to claim their space and with that you build momentum and start to see the shift..... with both staff and customers.

Your staff and customers are human beings.  People who have both good and bad habits.  It is easy to train, but fairy dust belongs to the fairies - not to either of us.  Sustaining the learnings is your leverage to consistent delivery and improvement.


If you think that we are a good fit, we will ask you to book a call at a time that is convenient to you.  

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