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Fresh Eyes was launched in 1996 with the primary focus to deliver Customer Feedback to businesses.   As with any starting point we have evolved along the Journey, specialising in Customer Retention solutions for businesses that we engage and share both face to face and online with multiple points of acquisition.

Our Goal is "To ignite 1,000,000 people by December 2022 to deliver exceptional Customer Experiences that results in businesses and economies thriving with long term stability".

We are proud of our Culture which is kept ignited by our People - "Our culture is take care of our employees, our employees to take care of and retain our customers who will take care of our business".

Our Culture is ignited by our Mission - "We align with businesses to discover and ignite the power of their people.  We entrench a belief that Significance Counts, aligned to personal engagement in every “Customer Experience”  delighting and retaining customers, creating Raving Fans on both sides of the till.”

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Peach Piche (Chief Guestologist) 





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