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Imagine what Retaining more Customers would mean to your business ...

Work with Fresh Eyes to Design a Customer Retention Strategy that creates sustainability for You, Your Staff, Your Shareholders, Your Customers and Your Community. 

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Fresh Eyes Solutions

We Shift your Culture to  Understand,  Increase &  Sustain:

1. Customer Retention

2. Increased Turnover

3. Positive Reviews

4. Staff Significance

5. Team Mind-Set

6. Brand Loyalty (On Both Sides of Your Till)

7. Culture & Behavioural Shift

8. Ownership & Accountability

9. Customer Experience

10. Customer Engagement & Feedback 

Fresh Eyes Solutions

We Shift your Culture to Understand, Decrease & Sustain:

1. Customer Churn

2. Operating Costs

3. Negative / No Reviews

4. Staff Churn

5. Disengaged Staff

6. Brand Numbness

7. Poison Passionistas

8. Fear

9. Customer Service vs. Experience Approach

10. Customer Disengagement 

Fresh Eyes Solutions

Customer Experience Reviews

Seeing your business through your Customers' Eyes - 30% S.O.P's & 70% Experiential

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Customer Experience Training

Bespoke Programmes designed for your Business to specifically address Pain Points

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"XO" Sustainability Academy

A 90 Day Team Engagement designed to shift habits creating a shift in your Culture

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Customer Experience Games

A Selection of Experience Games to "Play & Learn" with Your Team (Generic & Bespoke)

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"XOXY" Sustainability Academy 

A 90 day programme ignited by the "XO" Academy to focus on specific results.

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The "Voice of Your Customer" Feedback Portal 

Real time feedback from your Customers creating valuable connection and a POPI compliant database.

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Customer Retention Strategy Programme

A programme designed to create a Staff Experience Journey and a Customer Experience Journey to Retain Customers.

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Train Your Trainers Programme

Designed to Train your Trainers to engage with High Energy and Bespoke content created around your Experience Journeys.

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Are You Retaining Your Customers?

We help business IGNITE your Team to ENGAGE, DELIGHT and RETAIN your Customers creating RAVING FANS with a sustainable Customer Retention Strategy that reflects on your bottom line.

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