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Retailers - Are You Spending Your Budget on Marketing, Yet Your Customer Experience Sucks? What's the Point?

All too often a retail experience leaves us with a feeling of overwhelm and insignificance after we have just paid for a product / service with the expectation of something positive - instead:

  • Staff noise!  Staff shouting at each other across the tills or the floor
  • Cashiers more interested in their friend packing the customer's bags than in the customer themselves
  • Items being swiped and payments processed like the customer is invisible
  • The feeling of being completely ignored by rude and disinterested staff supported by incorrect or missing shelf talkers

Ask yourself if any of these are your own hot buttons as a consumer when YOU are out shopping?

These are some of mine, and I thought maybe it’s just me until we did a survey and found pretty much everyone is moaning about the same thing. Yet, we are all shopping in YOUR stores.

A brand can have the most phenomenal positioning, shop fittings, promotions and product mix, but what is it ACTUALLY like to be your Customer?


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