Your Potential To Earn 

Your earnings are determined by your actions within your network.  I know that different people have different needs.  The way your redeem your earnings has been designed to give you choices.


Connect with your Network and Customers.  This is via whatever channel you select - Via an Affliates Page on your Website or via a Landing Page that we design for you.  The Affiliate Value Stack is defined with more Value than our Standard Offers.


Once we have set you up as an Affiliate the system automatically adds "Your Unique Tag" to each Customer as they Opt in.  They have up to 30 days to make a purchase and will remain your Customer throughout the period. 


All you have to do is enter your Paypal email address when signing up. The system will automatically credit your Paypal account with the commission that you have earned at the end of the month.   The more people you introduce, the more you earn.

Just a little more information to make sure we connect and understand ...


We know you will get this.  We need to know that the people that we partner with are in this for the right reasons and will represent Fresh Eyes as if it was their own business.

We know that we have to retain your Customers by creating the best Experience as they Engage with Fresh Eyes. 

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Your Commission

Every Programme earns the same commission.  Remember that if someone buys a package then your commission will be on their package not on each individual programme that is included in the package.