Bespoke "Train the Trainer" Content Development

This process is perfect for companies with in-house training teams that engage regularly with their staff.  Fresh Eyes designs bespoke content for you, developing a trainers manual and then Trains your Trainers to deliver the content with high energy and impact.  This allows for face to face sustainability in your business.

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Why Train Your Trainers ...

Large companies are challenged with higher volumes of staff to engage with.  We assist businesses to select the right profile of trainers to become the champions around both the delivery and sustainability of your bespoke Customer Retention content.  The benefits to this approach also roll forward into your Customer Retention Strategy as they are fine tuned to picking up where other training (ie. Standard Operating Procedures) are in conflict with your Customer Retention Strategy and have the power to adapt the Journey.  A good model for sustainability in companies that do a large amount of face to face training. These contracts also benefit from being able to scale their bespoke programme quickly as it is evolves with the needs of your business.

Design & Train

Fresh Eyes design bespoke programme content, trainers manuals, assessments as well as Train the Trainer modules to equip your trainers to engage with high energy and impact.


Your trainers then deliver the content to Fresh Eyes taking on the ownership of energy and approach to create an impact. An assessment is done to ensure the standards are met.


Once qualified the Trainers then engage with your teams and have assessments post training sessions to ensure consistency and impact has been achieved.

Training Face to Face with Your Trainers...

Creating a Culture that is Measured and Sustainable ... 

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The Benefits of  the Train the Trainer Programme ...

  1. The Train the Trainer programme is not just about sharing information with your trainers.  It is about upskilling them to create transformation.
  2. If a nominated trainer is not the right profile (ie. a technical trainer might hate a high energy approach), we will identify this with you to ensure that you invest in the right people to champion your Customer Retention.
  3. Ongoing evaluations are done with test groups of trainees, to ensure that the Trainer understands the content and is able to deliver a meaningful message that will transform your business.


"This morning I have been on the road for 2 weeks and woke up both exhausted and nervous as I have never engaged with any of the people that I had to train.  The team this morning are a Spa Team so I had to improvise and make sure that the examples I used in Training was relevant to them.  I was feeling very flat and wondered if I could pull it off. 

I went back to our own Training sessions and the excitement and enthusiasm that you bring every time and I decided to ignore what I was feeling and go and be you!

I feel hugely proud to say that  the team I trained today gave me feedback about my excitement in my training today .  They told me that it shone through and I had set an example for them to copy.

Thank you for being such a consistent role model and keeping the lights shining bright for us, whilst also being so innovate with your ideas that are transforming people's lives. God Bless" 

Phumi - Trainer - First Group

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