The Shift created by "Customer Experience Training"

This resource is used most often by businesses and their teams to shift from a Customer Service mind-set to a Customer Experience mind-set.  It is a BESPOKE programme that is developed ideally for both Online and Train the Trainer delivery that is aligned to your Customer Retention Strategy.

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The Pull of One or the Power of Team...

Your business will not survive - never mind thrive, if you do not have a collective approach to creating the understanding of individual significance and the power of the collective team. The purpose of the training is to ensure that every single person on your team understands, claims and is aligned to achieve the same goal.  The Customer Experience training is a Bespoke programme that can be designed for all levels of staff to both understand and align them to your Customer Retention Strategy, get them to claim the experiences that have been  designed to engage, create and maintain consistency, delight and ultimately retain every single customer walking through your door (whether physically or online).

Bespoke Design

The Training is designed to align to your Brand and Customer Retention Strategy. 


Designed to engage all levels of staff on your team with a common goal at the outcome.

Mind-set Shift

The training creates a mind-set shift from Customer Service to Customer Experience.

Does Your Customer's Experience Count?

Your Customer 's Experience is the key to Retention ...

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The Benefits of  Customer Experience Training...

  1. It creates a common understanding of the differential between Customer Service and Customer Experience.
  2. It creates a unity in your team as all levels understand their significance in their part of the Customer Experience Journey and what that means to your Customer Retention Strategy.
  3. It creates a shift in your culture as the results start to reflect that focus on the consistency of the experiences that deliver to your Customers.
  4. It creates the ability to create small wins initially that translate into wins that everyone wants to be part of.


"The Customer Experience Training was something I initially said that my Junior Staff should do.  The Fresh Eyes team were adamant that they would only work with us if the entire team were involved, so against my judgement I agreed.  It was the best decision I took as the team was 100% aligned in our understanding and shift to an Experiential model vs the Service model that I  (and most of my leadership team) was more comfortable with.  The results that we saw resulted in us taking on Fresh Eyes to do the Full XO Academy. 

Ursula Coster - ONOMO 

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