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Are you Redefining your Customer Relationships during Covid 19?

It is a given that a relationship is born, nurtured and often lost based on human emotions.  Your relationship and retention of your customers will reflect the emotional stretch and engagement that your culture personifies.  The food that sustains the relationship is essentially every single, small, medium and large touch point that a customer has with your brand in current time.

Right now your customer has very different needs to those of 8 weeks ago.  A lot of them will craving comfort, connection and freedom to move and live as they please.   The stats tell us that prior to Covid 19 (*) , 59% of customers globally preferred to engage with a human being instead of a machine…… I have to wonder what the new stats will look like.  I believe it will be safe to assume that the number will have risen.

Being moved into an online world where there are no opportunities for a person’s senses to engage – no feeling the fabric,...

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