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Do You Think and Act As If You Are A Start-up? You'll End up Doing Things Differently

Everything started as nothing
Ben Weissenstein

Often, I discover a new company or experience that truly stands out. They naturally lead me to compare the new experience with ‘older’, long-standing organisations that I have been more regularly dealing with.

New brands are often free from the shackles of legacy systems, organisational silos, historical brand association and quite frankly, excuses. These businesses tend to have leaderships who are passionate about the customer. In fact, they have often come about in the first place because their founders have taken an outside-in approach and seen a customer problem or pain point for what it is, and they aim to fix what’s not working for customers.

What is common to most stand out new brands is that they don’t sell you a product or a service, rather they deliver an experience. An experience that feels more personal, more considered, more authentic and more relevant. These attributes make brands...

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