The "XOXY" Academy - Igniting Your Bottom Line.

The "XO" Academy takes your team on a Journey which both delivers results around your Customer Experience and Brand perception introduces staff to their significance.  It defines your team and identifies Influencers (those people at all levels who claim their space and can influence people around them at all levels in the hierarchy). 

The "XOXY" Academy takes leadership and influencers through a 90 programme that will direct the energy of the business to deliver a positive shift in your business EBITDA.

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The Concept of Measuring Return on Investment ...

Return on investment is simply a better result or transformation from what was to what is, based on information / actions taken.

The XOXY Academy has been designed to work with the team to translate what they have learnt around Customer Retention to the bottom line of your business.  The 90 days (remembering that habits take 67 days to entrench), are fully supported by our offsite Ignition Team in a controlled process that will measure actions taken (that are guaranteed to produce the results) are consistent and top of mind - ALWAYS motivated by a growing base of Raving Fans.


A programme that creates understanding, defines the measures needed and creates a Ground Zero to Ignite from. (The output is specifically around your business)

Take Action

The team takes action supported daily by an Ignition partner to ensure that actions are measured and iterations put in place to perfect the outcome adopting a fail forward approach. 


Creating a daily culture of updating results  - celebrating the wins and losses (as these are gifts if done once), iterating and taking action . Supported by an Ignition Partner throughout. 

Leverage the Benefits of Investment ...

Start developing all levels of your team to deliver EBITDA ... 

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The Benefits of  the "XOXY" Academy ...

Apart from the obvious benefits to the business around positive results measured in your EBITDA the other benefits from this programme are:

  1. The ability to break through traditional hierarchy and create flatter more effective structure in your team that understand the power of their actions.
  2. A full team (leadership and influencers) which creates the ability in your business to identify potential people that can be developed further.
  3. The influencers have the ability to shift the people around the business, who might be at lower levels and not engage with leadership on a consistent basis.


"Fresh Eyes XOXY Academy gave me the understanding and tools for the first time ever to be able to share with my team, understanding that if we just do the 2 tasks we committed to, every single shift, every single day, we would be able to bank an additional ZAR1 million in a single year.  I have never understood that I had that power before".

Murphy - Influencer @ ONOMO 

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