The "XO" Sustainability Academy unlocks Significance in Your Team.

The "XO" Academy was designed to ignite teams to unlock their significance to a business and create an understanding to each individual's input into the overall goal to retain Customers.  Each Academy is 90 days to ensure sustainability around the Culture shift.

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Igniting the Flames of Significance...

We know without any doubt that businesses are run by people ultimately to find and deliver solutions for other people.  There can be a pile of technology in the mix, products and services, delivery and .... the ultimate differential is your people.

The other thing we know without a doubt is that many businesses have not managed to leverage the power of their people, due to those people not grasping their significance to the common goal irrespective of what role they contribute to.


Your staff discover what their significance is to your Customer Retention. 

Trial & Shift

Your staff start to learn and trial creating a momentum towards the business shift.


Your staff ignite as they start to see the results moving towards the common goal.

Does Your Staff's Significance Count?

Your  Staff are the Key to Creating Consistent Experiences ...

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The Benefits of  the "XO" Academy ...

  1. The Academy is designed to run over 90 days creating the opportunity for every staff member to shift and engage. (Habits take a human being 67 days to create).
  2. The  approach is counter-intuitive and works on a bottom up / side to side approach making the focus about your customer and not the traditional reporting structures.
  3.  The Academy is supported by Ignition Partners (real people not bots) who work with the teams to ensure that no-one drops through the cracks unless they make a conscious decision to do so.
  4. Your 3 types of staff (at all levels) show their true colours as we progress - we call them Superstars, Slugs and Snakes.
  5. We report weekly and set up a Leaderboard to keep everyone focused on the end goal (normally something that we set up with you that becomes super exciting to win).
  6. The results speak for themselves.  If you are committed - you will see it on your bottom line.  If you are not - you won't.


"Fresh Eyes XO Academy has been infectious throughout our Group and has transformed our business. The improvement in service, guest interaction and culture has shown in the spirit of our GEMS and is reflecting on our "bottom line" via repeat business, referrals and fantastic reviews".

Sean Lamont - First Resort Group 

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