The Voice of Your Customer.


Reviews have the power to influence Customers through your doors or into your Competitors' doors.  Different reviews have varying levels of influence.  A peek at the power of a personal recommendation looks like this:

  • 28% of Customers say word of mouth is the most important factor in a yes or no decision. 
  • 64% of marketing executives indicated that they believe word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing. 

So the opportunity to be able to get realtime feedback from your customers along with other benefits is invaluable.

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The Realtime Feedback Journey ...

  1. The Voice of the Customer is a portal that is driven off a Call to Action inside your business inviting your Customers to give their feedback about their Experience.
  2. We set up the portal to direct all feedback to 2 dedicated phones to enable a face to face response from the feedback, directly engaging with the Customer.
  3. The Customer can opt in to receive any further marketing communication with your business - and the database that grows is POPI compliant.



Allows for live feedback via a phone either on a pre-paid or pay as you go portal.


Allows for an immediate face to face response or engagement with the Customer.


Lots of Raving Fans were born from problems quickly resolved, never going further.

Leverage the Opportunity of Now ...

Create Raving Fans from potential Poison Passionistas ... 

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The Benefits of  the Voice of Your Customer...

  1. A portal that connects your Customer with two nominated people within your business immediately the customer sends their feedback.
  2. A POPI compliant database for expanding your Raving Fans base.
  3. A way to direct feedback into a constructive face to face engagement vs. Social Media splash.
  4. A way to collect ideas from your Customers with contact details to personally connect.


"We thought we were doing very well looking after our customers.  Due to this we had never collected live feedback or our customers numbers since we had opened our business.  The Feedback portal took off as we linked it to a voucher to be won monthly - and we grew our customer base dramatically in a very short time which allowed us to advertise specials of the week, end of range specials and promotions.  Our turnover increased with by over 21% within 3 months.  We now have a database that we know creates value and Customers are blown away when they give us feedback and we immediately respond.

Andrea Du Toit - GBean & Co 

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