The Power of a "Customer Experience Review"

This resource has been developed to give you a Snapshot of your business from your Customer's perspective.  We focus on a comprehensive feedback about how YOUR CUSTOMER felt in every one of the 6 stages of the Customer Experience Journey.  The Review will also give you some insights into YOUR STAFF and how engaged they are with your brand.

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Why is Independent Feedback so Important to Retaining Your Customers?

  1. Your business is in existence to provide a solution to a need (pain point) that your Customers have.
  2. Your business existence depends on your Customers and the experiences that you are able to deliver.
  3. Your business sustainability is dependent on being agile and evolving with your customer's needs.
  4. Your business reputation is defined by what experiences your staff are creating to engage and retain your Customers.


Bespoke Design

The Review is designed to align to your Brand and Customer Retention Strategy. 


Reviewers are matched to reflect your chosen Demographic of Customer.


The Review is a tool to create an insight into your Competitors and their Engagement.

Does Your Customer's Opinion Count?

Your Customer is the Reason that Your Business is in Business...

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The Benefits of A Customer Experience Review...

  1. It creates a 100% honest feedback channel from the person that is ultimately going to bank money in exchange for the products and services you sell - Your Customer.
  2. It identifies the experiences that they love and want more of.
  3. It gives you clear direction of what gaps there are in your Retention Strategy that will GIFT your Customers to your competitors.
  4. It gives you feedback on what improvements and innovations that are important to your customers.
  5. It is a cost effective way to keep checking in and establishing whether your business is improving, static or declining from your Customers view.


"The Customer Experience Reviews replaced what we knew as Mystery Shops.  We  were using them prior  and realised that they were an audit of our Procedures - so internal not external.  The Customer Experience Reviews highlighted the "emotional" component of our offer and what our hits and misses created with our guests. What we realised was that these were double shots - giving us feedback about the time of each individual engagement and then post their visit  the value as a consolidation of the engagement which our Customer took away as a single view.

As it was both an external and independent view - the feedback was embraced by the staff as learning.  It changed my perspective from it being a Cost to the business to a Revenue Generator".

Ursula Coster - ONOMO 

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