Unleash the "Power of Play" within Your Team.

It is a fact that playing can improve children's abilities to plan, organize, get along with others, and regulate emotions. In addition, play helps with language, math and social skills, and even helps children cope with stress.  Interestingly creating fun and a play environment in adults has the same benefits which is why we have created our Customer Experience Games.

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Powering content, innovation and creativity through Play...

Key to creating an experiential environment is igniting the ability to create, innovate and have fun.  Happy people are attractive - they draw people to them.  Unhappy people drive people away.  The Customer Experience Games have been designed to play as a team (if you have the time) or play them online with a colleague, with your team, on your own - as you choose.


Your staff discover what they do know and what they don't know as they play and compete, igniting as they go.


Your staff start to think about solutions and ideas that will differentiate your Customer Engagement.


As the fun and ideas merge, your staff will become part of your creative team retaining your customers.

Leverage the Benefits of Play ..

The fun will become part of your Staff Culture ... 

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The Benefits of  the Customer Experience Games ...

  1. It is rarely possible to get every member of staff together to share a programme.  The Customer Experience Games give your team the opportunity to play "on demand" with content and outcomes that will benefit your business.
  2. Bespoke Games can be created to bring staff back to Pain Points in your business that are creating challenges right now.
  3. Generic Games around Customer Experience are available to create an understanding with staff about the importance of the detail.
  4. Games are designed to walk the staff through your Customer Retention Strategy step by step (with fun elements built in) so that they understand the bigger picture and not just through their microscope lens of their individual job.


"Fresh Eyes attended a conference with all our General Managers and we played the Customer Experience Board Game.  The session was meant to be fun, and the outcome was both fun and a huge learning curve.  The team got to see their businesses through different eyes, highlighting that one department that is completely distant from their Operation has such power to influence a Customer's experience along the way".

Brandon Mans - Beekman Group

"Your Card Games are so powerful as their ease of access (most of the staff played the game on their phones), the quick lessons they deliver and the fact that you have designed them to link to assessments and feedback around both the learning and identifying needs is very valuable.  The staff have already asked for the Customer Experience Competition Pack."

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